FAKRO solar system

FAKRO solar system

Planning the house, we consider
not only building costs but also
running costs. While designing,
one should make sure that the
design makes provision to apply
natural renewable energy sources.
One of the easiest and most
popular ways of using solar energy
is to install solar collectors.
FAKRO Solar System -is an
innovative solution of solar
collectors integrated into the roof
which take advantage of the sun’s
solar energy.

The installation of solar collectors
is into the roof slope and not
as often happens above the roof
covering or beside the building.
Such positioning ensures:

  • that solar collectors go well
    with the building design
  • better efficiency of solar

Additionally, when roof windows
are planned to be installed, then
with use of Fakro flashing kit it
makes it simple to combine them
with solar collectors. 



The above certificate is a guarantee of quality
and confirmation of compliance with European
Solar Keymark is a necessary criteria in order to
attain grants in most European countries.