Mexican Wave! FAKRO at EXPO CIHAC 2016 Mexico City

FAKRO presented for the first time its products at the biggest trade show for the construction industry in Mexico – EXPO CIHAC 2016 Mexico City held between 11-15 October.

As in previous years, the trade show attracted a number of exhibitors and crowds of visitors. Over 550 companies from the construction industry, including FAKRO took part in the event. Company's exhibition occupying the area of nearly 50m2 presented the latest solutions and key products.

Visitors of the stand could learn about benefits of roof windows (FPP, FYP, PPP, PTP), L-Shaped combination windows (BVP, BDR) and light tunnels (FV, FVE). A great interest was also attracted by flat roof windows DRF, DEC, FXC, DXW which feature excellent thermal insulation performance and modern design. A wide range of FAKRO products displayed during the show also included LWK loft ladders, light tunnels (SLT and SRH-L) as well as accessories such AMZ and AMZ Solar awning blinds and ARF internal blackout blinds. The VMZ Solar roller shutter caused a real sensation, and even a Mexican wave!

FAKRO products are a novelty on the Mexican market. They attracted the attention of distributors of construction materials, real estate companies, architects and students. It happened that the DXW flat roof window inspired visitors to show us ready projects of their homes. This resulted in conversations full of the inspiration, and at the same was an opportunity to get to know our product. The entire event was attended by approx. 6,000 people. Our stand was also visited by Ms. Beata Wojna, Polish Ambassador to Mexico”, commented Rafał Rynduch, Export Manager of FAKRO.

FAKRO which is the second largest manufacturer of roof windows and loft ladders worldwide is present in North America for many years. There is a whole range of company's products both in USA and Canada, including those specially designed to meet local standards. So far, FAKRO products which can be found in more than 50 countries all over the world have not been offered on the Mexican market. The interest aroused by FAKRO products at EXPO CIHAC makes us believe that roof windows and other FAKRO products will be installed in many Mexican houses.