FAKRO Eurotop membranes conquer the world

In 2017, FAKRO product range will be expanded with Eurotop New Generation membranes. They feature higher strength parameters and improved performance. Eurotop membranes received quality certificates in many countries all over the world. Recently, their quality has been appreciated by markets in New Zealand and Australia where they received CodeMark certificate. It recommends the use of Eurotop membranes in these challenging geographical conditions with strong wind, high humidity and frequent weather changes.

Using a new raw material in the production process, namely bicomoponent fibres made it possible to achieve higher tear resistance when compared to the previous version. Taking into consideration the same weight, tear strength of new generation membranes increased by 40%. This is especially important for roofers, because the membrane is less prone to damage which facilitates its arrangement within the roof covering.

Changed structure of fibre and higher strength did not affect the rate of vapour permeability (Sd) which is one of the best on the market among polypropylene membranes.

The main task of Eurotop membranes fitted in the roof surface is to ensure good and healthy micro-climate to residents.

In terms of visual appearance, the membrane has uniform and deep turquoise colour. Eurotop membrane can serve an additional function – free and effective advertising medium until a primary roofing is laid. This additional feature is often used by dealers who in many markets due to visible FAKRO logotype acquired new customers. It can be said that thanks to you Eurotop membranes conquer the world.