FAKRO at next Trade Show - Střechy Praha 2015

The largest trade show on the Czech market dedicated to roofs - Střechy Praha was held in Prague between 22-24 January. Such a prestigious event could not be missed by vice-leader in the manufacture of roof windows and leading producer of loft ladders – FAKRO Company.

FAKRO presented their latest products in the exhibition area which spread over the area of 100m2. Among them electrically opened DEF flat roof window that combines high functionality with excellent thermal insulation parameters and AMZ Solar awning blind – innovative solution allowing for effective protection of the loft against overheating. In four days of the show, FAKRO exhibition was visited by nearly 1 500 people. Traditionally, the greatest interest attracted the FGH-V Galeria window – an innovative, large roof window whose sashes when opened create a balcony.

FAKRO is also a leading manufacturer of loft ladders. During the trade show, company's stand displayed different types and designs of loft ladders, depending on their intended use. Exhibition included i.e. highly energy-efficient LWT loft ladders designed for energy and passive buildings.